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There are hundreds of different types of software available for many different purposes. The more useful and detailed a piece of software is, the more expensive it will become. If you're looking for software that performs basic functions then you can often find cheap, if not free software available on the internet.

Photo editing software comes with thousands of options, all because of the many different needs that people have in the industry of photo editing. For example if an individual wanted some photo editing software to add some effect to a small selection of photos they would be able to find the tools required on the internet.

If a professional photographer needed some software to edit large quantities of photos which all needed editing and cropping, they would need software which could deal with high volumes of data and would therefore have to invest in some higher quality software.

Flash FX

Flash FX Animationis a piece of software specifically for the purpose of animation. There are several different smaller pieces of software that have been created from Flash FX, all of which have different purposes.

If you wanted an animation based piece of software Flash FX would be recommended by many although this software is not free. An additional piece of software which can be used with Flash FX Animation is Sound FX. Sound FX can be views as a sub-software, it is useless without the main programme but offers additional tools if purchased.

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